Hypothyroidism and Homeopathy

Hypothyroidism is a clinical condition resulting from decreased circulating levels of t4 (Thyroxine)  and/or t3 (triiodothyronine).
Hypothyroidism is known as under-active thyroid. It occurs when your thyroid gland does not make enough thyroid hormone. It means you have low thyroid activity.

Hypothyroidism often begins slowly. Its symptoms can be mistaken for stress, depression, or other health problems.

Common symptoms include:
· Fatigue, Tiredness
· Unplanned weight gain.
· Muscle weakness. Muscle aches, cramps, tenderness, or stiffness.
· Increased sensitivity to cold.
· Constipation.
· Pale, dry skin.
· Puffy face.
· Hoarse voice, ataxia
· Joint pain, stiffness, or swelling.
· Changes in menstrual patterns, such as heavier flow.
· An enlarged thyroid gland (called a goiter), which can appear as swelling at the base of the neck.
· Brittle hair and fingernails.
· Forgetfulness or confusion.

Diagnosis -

Contact your doctor if you have symptoms of an under-active thyroid. They will do a blood test to measure the amount of thyroid hormone and TSH in your blood. This confirms the diagnosis.

If it is not treated, hypothyroidism can lead to other health problems. These include:
· Goiter - This can cause a swollen lump on your neck called a goiter. A goiter can affect your appearance and can even make it hard for you to swallow or eat.
· Obesity - Weight gain is common in people as your hormone levels affect your metabolism.
· Heart disease - It causes high levels of bad(LDL) cholesterol.
· Mental health issues- It can cause depression.
· Myxedema- A rare, life-threatening condition. Symptoms are intense sensitivity to cold and drowsiness or severe lethargy. This can lead to unconsciousness and a coma. See a doctor right away if you notice these warning signs.
· Birth defects- Babies who are born to women who have untreated hypothyroidism can have birth defects.
· Infertility - It can make it hard for some women to get pregnant. It also can be harmful to the mother and baby during pregnancy. Most doctors test thyroid hormone levels at this stage.

Homeopathic Treatment -
Aethusa -
Idiocy with irritability
Child is most of the time angry, crying and an expression of uneasiness and discontentment
Marked inability to digest milk
Poor circulation
Anacardium -
Absent mindedness
Very easily offended
Brain fag
Impaired memory
Dual personality
Ailments from Guilt
Bufo -
Desire for solitude
Anxious about health
Howling,Impatient, propensity to bite
Imbecile child who is feeble minded
Baryta Carb -
Mentally and physically backward children
Children fail to grow and develop
Pale, puffed face
Upper lips swollen
Bashful, shy, Childish
Aversion to strangers
Calcarea Phos -
Peevish, Flabby with anaemia
Catches cold easily
Cold extremities
Feeble digestion
Fontanelles remain open for too long
Sunken and flabby abdomen
Sensitiveness, numbness and stiffness in extremities
Kali Carb -
Great debility
Weakness and weariness
Sensitivity to catch cold
Miscarriage due to thyroid
Early morning aggravation is marked
Very irritable, full of fear and imaginations
Nosode for myxedema and cretinism
Hypothyroidism after acute disease
Weakness, easy fatigue
Sensitivity towards cold is marked
Weak pulse, Low BP
Skin dry and impoverished
Sepia -
One of the best remedies for female infertility
Indifference to loved ones, Family is marked mentally
Tendency to abortion
Hot flushes with weakness and perspiration
Balllike sensation in inner parts
Yellowish complexion
Bearing down sensation
Feels cold even in warm room
Very sad, weeps when narrating complaints
Depression and Homeopathy One day you will wake up and there wont be any more time to do the things you have always wanted. Do it Now. Depression can be a scary word.
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