Homeopathic Medicine for Sensation

1. Aram. Mur -
Sensation of coldness in the back between the shoulders. 

2. Sepia -
Sensation of a ball in rectum like an apple or potato. Diarrhoea and constipation are also cured with this symptom. Sensation of sand in the eyes.

3. Crocus -
Sensation of Something alive moving about in the abdomen or chest. (Remedy for violent foetal movements as well as in cases of imaginary pregnancy).

4. Myrica Cerifera -
Sensation As if insects crawling on face.

5. Lobelia Inflata - 
Sensation As if bone in throat.

6. Leptandra - 
Sensation As if something passing out of rectum.

7. Laurocerasus - 
Sensation As if flies and spider crawling over body.

8. Sulphur - 
Head remedy for burning sensation in any part. Sensation of tight band round the head. Lump of hair in throat. Lump of ice in chest. Mouse running up arms and chest.

9. Borax -
Sensation of cobwebs, bugs or insects crawling on face.

10.Chelidonium -
Sensation as if cold air is blowing on him. Sensation of dust in the air passages causing cough.

11. Ignatia - 
Sensation of emptiness.

12. Ailanthus -
Sensation of a rat running up the legs. Sensation of passing electric current from head to limbs.

13.Terebinthina - 
Sensation as if he had swallowed a small ball which remained at the pit of the stomach; as if intestines are being drawn towards spine.

14.Thuja -
Sensation of nail driven into the brain; as if boiling lead were passing through the rectum; as if anus would fly to pieces during stool; as if legs were made of wood; as if body was made of glass and would break: as if something alive is bounding about inside the body.

15. Theridion -
Sensation of something alive bounding about inside the body. It may be tried after Thuja fails.

16. Tuberculinum -
Distressing sensation of damp clothes on the spine.

17. Chamomilla -
Sensation as if walking on the ends of the bones of the legs and did not have any feet.

18. Dulcamara -
Sensation of sinking.

19. Graphites -
Sensation of cobweb on face; tries hard to brush it off.

20. Camphor -
Sensation of great coldness of the surface of the body with a desire to uncover. Great heat or sweat with desire to cover. Sensation as if cold air was blowing on covered parts.

21. Crotalus C -
Sensation as if something alive were walking about in head in circles. Sensation of red hot iron in vertex. Sensation of an opening in abdomen through which air passes. Sensation of coldness in stomach after eating. Sensation as if heart is dipped in water or there is water in chest. Sensation of shortening of right limb.

22. Nitric Acid -
Sensation as if the head is in a vice from ear to ear over vertex. Sensation of sticks in the throat like fish bone.

23. Aconite N -
Sensation of face growing large.

24. Alumina -
Sensation of bandages about the limbs and body. Fishbone sensation in the throat. Sensation of constriction in oesophagus down to stomach everytime he swallows a morsel of food. Sensation of creeping as of ants in the back and legs. Sensation of cobweb or dried white of egg or dried blood on the face.

25. Actea Race -
Sensation as if a black cloud has settled all over her and enveloped her head, so that all is darkness and confusion; it weighed like lead on the head. Waving sensation in the brain. Sensation as of a bolt through neck to vertex.

26. Cistus Can -
Sensation of coldness in all the parts of the body, e.g. stomach, throat, chest, tips of fingers etc. Sensation as if ants were running through the whole body when lying down with anxious and difficult breathing. Obliged to get up and open windows for fresh air which relieves. Immediately on lying down again these sensations return.

27. Cocculus -
Sensation of weak, hollow and gone feeling in head.

28. Glonoine -
Sensation as if the chin were elongated to knee.

29. Kali Bich -
Sensation as if head and nose would burst; as if loose bones rubbed against each other in the nose; as if a hair high up in the nostril; a hair on back of tongue. Sensation of a drop of urine remaining in urethra. Sensation of choking on lying down.

30. Carboneum Sulph -
Sensation of a hole close by into which he was in danger of falling. Of a weight between the scapulae compelling her to bend forward.

31. Kali Carb -
Any bang, shock or bad news is felt in the stomach. Sensation or fish bone or splinter in the throat. Stubborn sensation of chilliness at noon.

32. Lachesis - 
Fish-bone sensation in the throat. Sensation as if lice were crawling over surface; worse from heat, motion and at night.

33. Medorrhinum -
Sensation as if a worm crawls in right ear, and commences boring anterior wall of auditory canal. Sensation as if paper or pin is forcing through the pit of stomach causing her to rise and double up with screaming; pins seem to come from each side; sensation of sand under lids.

34. Mercurius
Sensation of apple core stitching in throat.

35. Opium
Absence of sensations points to this remedy in any ailment.

36.Onosmod -
Sensation as if treading on cotton.

37. Palladium -
Sensation as if an animal were snapping and tearing off small portions inside the abdomen. Crawling as from fleas on back, arms, abdomen, thighs and ankles; actual spots like flea-bites appear on various places, lips, nostrils; etc. It has violent itching.

38. Petroleum - 
Sensation ass if heart were cold. Coldness in spots

39. Platinum -
Sensation as if thighs are too tightly wrapped; of water in forehead! of coldness, crawling; numbness in legs. Sensation off retraction of the abdomen.

40. Pyrogen - 
Sensation of a cap on head. Sensation as if her head was on the pillow but knows not where the rest of the body is.

41. Ranunculus B -
Sensatiom as if wet cloth were applied to body on going out of doors.

42. Ruta -
Sensation of heat and fire in the eyes. Sensation of coldness of spine downwards.

43. Salicylic Acid -
Sensation as if foot is perspiring.

44. Sanicula -
Sensation that head was open and wind went through it. Sensation of cold cloth round brain. Sensation that the back is in two pieces. On swallowing sensation of hard substance in trachea.

45. Silicea -
Sensation of hair lying on fore-part of the tongue.

46. Staphisagria -
Sensation as if abdomen and stomach were hanging down relaxed.

47. Veratrum Alb -
sensation that if he drank water he felt as if it did not go down the oesophagus. Sensation of coldness in vertex. Sensation of cold water running through the veins. As if pregnant; as if he had commited a crime; as if pepperrnent has been eaten, coldness in the mouth and throat;, as if something alive were rising from stomach to throat; as if knives were cutting bowels; as if hot coals in abdomen and intestines.

48. Acid Phos -
Sensation as if feet are rising until he stood on his feet.

49. Coccus Cacti -
Sensation of hair in the throat.

50. Natrum Mur -
Sensation as if a thread were hanging on tongue.

51. Valeriana -
Sensation as if a thread were hanging down the throat.

52. Xanthoxylum -
Sensation as if gentle shocks of electricity were passing through h the body.

53. Alumina Silicate -
Sensation of crawling of ants in the brain which travels down the body and leaves at the toes. She wants the body wrapped up but wants head in cold air.

54. Arsenic Sul. Flavum -
Sensation of heaviness of lower limbs and feet. Numbness and jerking of limbs.

55. Kali Sulph -
Sensation of closely fitted cap on head.

56. Cannabis Ind -
Sensation as though drops of water were tickling from heart.

57. Aethusa -
Sensation as though the stomach was turned upside down, accompanied by burning feeling in the chest.

58. Argentum Nit -
Sensation of sticks or fish bone in the throat. The patient wants every thing cold.

59. China -
Sensation of sand in the eyes.

60. Sulphuric acid -
Sensation of quivering all over the body and in the limbs without visible trembling.

61. Abrotanum -
Sensation as if stomach hanging or swimming in water.

62. Allium Sat -
Sensation of hair on tongue; worse when reading.

63. Mag. Carb -
Sensation as if teeth are too long.

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